Lux Solid glass road studs

Product information

Solid glass road studs work by retro reflection. The incoming light is bounced back by a retro reflector in the exact same direction from which it came, for 360 degrees. This is important in traffic, as the reflector reflects the light of vehicles from every angle back to the road users, which guides or alarms them in various traffic situations.


LUX Solid Glass road studs are made of hardened safety glass. The road studs can withstand a pressure of up to 80 tons. In addition, the bottom of the reflector is covered with a coating, providing the reflective effect.


LUX Solid Glass road studs are optionally installed by Van Wylick. This way, we can ensure their correct installation and, if necessary, provide advice on suitable application. Solid glass road studs are not installed on top of, but within, the road surface. This method makes them indestructible and they can be driven over continuously. They can be installed in asphalt, concrete elements and other types of foundations.


CE certificate

Quality and safety requirements

LUX Solid Glass road studs meet European standards NEN-EN 1463-1 and 2 and comes with a CE marking certificate.


With correct installation and normal use, our solid glass road studs last longer than asphalt itself. This also indicates that solid glass road studs have a much longer lifespan than synthetic or aluminium road studs. Each road stud has a sustainable coating that covers the bottom of the reflector, so reflection is retained and will not decrease. In addition, solid glass road studs are maintenance-free and self-cleaning.


Our LUX Solid Glass road studs are available in several colours, made of glass that is coloured through-and-through.

Beschikbare kleuren Lux 3

Available colors

For applications in the infrastructure sector, the transparent/white variant is most often specified and used.

For architectural applications, often a colour is chosen. The available colours are red, green, yellow, amber and blue.


Van Wylick provides an extensive warranty on the product, its reflectivity and installation.


Solid glass road studs are suitable for urban as well as rural areas. They are widely used within the infrastructure sector, yet they are also highly suitable for architectural or decorative applications. Obviously, both purposes can also be achieved in one application.

Solid glass road studs are installed within the road surface for guidance, warning and traffic control. They are not only clearly visible in twilight and darkness, but they also ensure better visibility for the road user during the day. Especially with backlight from the sun and/or in heavy rain, solid glass road studs are more visible than road markings, and this increases traffic safety significantly.

Examples of applications are turbo roundabouts, dangerous curves, driveways or highways, public squares and parking lots. See the images below for an overview of other applications.


For technical specifications, please go to downloads.



  • No light pollution
  • Sustainable installation
  • No energy costs
  • Long lifespan
  • No expensive wiring
  • Self-cleaning
  • No maintenance
  • 360-degree reflection
  • Can be driver over continuously
  • The LUX Solid Glass road stud meets European standards NEN-EN 1463-1 en 2.

Figure 1

  • Figure 1: LUX Solid Glass road studs are made of hardened solid glass and are nearly indestructible. In the unlikely event that the safety glass will break, the glass will pulverize in small pieces that will not cause a dangerous situation. Unfortunately, there are other solid glass road studs available on the market made of glass that will break into splinters. (See Figure 1).
  • LUX Solid Glass road studs are made of thoroughly coloured glass. The colour is retained and will not decrease. This is in contrast to other types of road studs, where often only the top layer is dyed.
  • They have a sustainable coating, so that reflection is retained and will not decrease.
  • Figure 2

    Figure 2: Van Wylick Wegdekreflectoren BV has been in business for over 20 years and is considered a specialist in the field of solid glass road studs.

  • Van Wylick offers an extensive guarantee on the reflection and installation of the LUX Solid Glass road stud.
  • Van Wylick works hard at realizing its ambitions of corporate social responsibility.

Yes. They can provide an enormous reduction in CO2. Additionally, glass is an environmentally friendly and recyclable material. The most important element (70%) is silicon dioxide (SiO2), one of the most common elements on earth. In comparison to difficult biodegradable synthetic and aluminium materials, glass is a much better option. Because of its long lifespan and lack of maintenance required, the environment will be burdened less than with other options.

Yes and no. Synthetic road studs are competitively priced, so they more lucrative in the short term. However, synthetic road studs are short-lived products. They need to be replaced and maintained. Solid glass road studs have a longer lifespan and will outlive the asphalt (10 to 15 years). In addition, solid glass road studs are maintenance-free and self-cleaning. Solid glass road studs are more economical in the long term.

Within the first three weeks after installation, the retro reflection of synthetic road studs is twice as great as that of solid glass road studs. Hereafter, the reflectivity will decrease quickly, especially on roads that endure heavy traffic. In a timespan of two months, synthetic road studs have an equal reflectivity as solid glass road studs do after seven years. Solid glass road studs may have small surface scratches but because of their design, reflection will not be diminished and they will not collect dirt. (After all, glass does not attract dirt.) The reflective coating on the underside cannot be damaged, so the road stud will maintain its retro reflective capability.