LUX Lunar road studs

Product information

LUX Lunar road studs are a good solution for both safe and sustainable infrastructures, providing superior distance visibility of the road layout ahead. LUX Lunar road studs activate at the beginning of twilight. Once daylight will exceed 100 lux in the morning, the lightning will turn off and the battery starts charging. They maintain light outputs throughout a full annual cycle and are proven to increase night time safety. Even on cloudy or rainy days the road stud will charge efficiently to 100% in circa 3 hours.


LUX Lunar road studs can be supplied with installation by Van Wylick. This way, we can ensure their correct installation and. LUX Lunar road studs are embedded within the road surface; this method enhances their long life span and ensures that the LUX Lunar can be driven over by heavy traffic. They can be installed in asphalt, concrete elements and all other types of foundations. A big advantage is that cabling is no longer necessary.

Colours and settings

For infrastructure applications, white or red LED lights are usually specified. For decorative and architectural applications, other colours are more common, such as green, orange, blue and yellow. The lights function at different settings: they can emit steady light or they can blink. Feel free to contact us for more information about the possibilities.


The LUX Lunar road stud stands out in the market because of its long life span.  The technical specifications of the  LUX Lunar road stud in combination with a 100% water- and dustproof housing ensure this life span.


Van Wylick provides an extensive warranty on the product and its installation.


LUX Lunar road studs guide or warn road users in different traffic situations, they are visible from a distance of almost 1000 metres.

They are widely used in the infrastructure sector, among others: emphasizing dangerous curves, introducing traffic calming measures, marking cycle lanes and roundabouts. Moreover, LUX Lunar road studs are highly suitable for harbour and recreational areas, where they are applied on quays, piers and footbridges, parking zones and public squares. See images below for an overview.


For technical specifications, please go to  downloads.



  • The LUX Lunar road stud is a top-notch quality product, reliable and robust.
  • The LUX Lunar housing is made in one-piece: 100% waterproof and dustproof.
  • Because of its design, the LUX Lunar can be driven over by heavy traffic.
  • The LUX Lunar has an autonomy of 200 hours and will emit light during a full annual cycle from dusk till dawn.
  • The LUX Lunar is equipped with a high quality battery, capable of charging in 3 hours at 100 KLux to 100%, even at dark or rainy nights.
  • Considering severe hot/cold climates: the LUX Lunar is also resistant to very high and low temperatures.

LUX Lunar road studs can emit light for 200 hours with a full battery. This ensures a capacity to function a full annual cycle, also during dark winters.

The LUX Lunar road stud is visible from a longer distance, which may be a necessity in certain traffic situations. Additionally, LUX Lunar road studs are applicable in areas without any traffic, since they generate their own light.