LUX Solid Glass road studs are optionally installed by Van Wylick. This way, we can ensure their correct installation and, if necessary, provide advice on suitable application. Solid glass road studs are not installed on top of, but within the road surface. This method makes them indestructible and they can be driven over continuously. They can be installed in asphalt and concrete roads/elements and other types of foundations.

Van Wylick has developed a new machine branded as ‘De LUX’. The ‘De LUX’ machine has been built for the efficient installation of solid glass road studs and enables Van Wylick to install 1000 pieces a day. The machine is equipped with, among other features, a precise measurement technique and a vacuum and sweep installation. This makes life easier for clients, marking the exact locations where the road studs need to be installed and cleaning of the road will be taken care of. Moreover, the fast speed of installation may result in effective time management and reduce of costs regarding traffic measures or roadblocks.

Machine ‘De LUX’ |  Worldwide delivery and installation.