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A safe infrastructure is highly valuable for every country. Sustainable and powerful solutions need to ensure this value for societies. Solid glass road studs and Lunar road studs installed by Van Wylick are just such a solution. Our road studs are applied within the road surface to guide, warn and organise road users.

Our LUX Solid Glass road studs provide significant traffic safety, in densely populated urban areas as well as in rural areas. This solid glass road stud is a retro reflector and meets European standards NEN-EN 1463-1 and 2.

Our LUX Lunar road studs also ensure maximal traffic safety and visibility. This type of road stud is equipped with LED lights, using solar cell technology.


LUX Solar road studs play an important role in sustainable, safe infrastructures. They provide an enormous reduction in CO2, as lighting with streetlights becomes less and less necessary.


Van Wylick Wegdekreflectoren BV has been in business for over 25 years and is considered a specialist in the field of solid glass road studs. Back in 1993, CEO Chris van Wylick invented an application of solid glass road studs in concrete tiles, branded as ‘Tile by Van Wylick’. Because of contacts within the infrastructure sector and with local governments throughout the Netherlands, Van Wylick was aware of the demands within the market. He was able to translate those demands into a well-developed product. Van Wylick Wegdekreflectoren BV flourished and has matured into a family-owned SME that offers advice, as well as supplies and installs the product. We emphasize providing professional advice, sustainable products and flexible solutions. Additionally, we think along with our clients to find the best solutions.

“De Steen Van Wylick”

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